Works by Mallory O’Connor

Works by Mallory O’Connor

Fiction / Paranormal

Xanadu’s Cavern
New Fiction by Mallory M. O’Connor

“Xandu’s Cavern, book three in O’Connor’s occult/cli-fi series, comes to life in this gripping thriller set in part in Florida’s amazing underground, water-filled labyrinths. With a hint of Carl Hiaasen’s high-rolling bad guys messing with your not-so-simple Florida crackers, Mallory O’Connor’s psychic heroine wraps her smart head around the mysterious disappearance of a pre-historic fossil and brings down an international antiquities smuggling enterprise. At the same time, O’Connor delivers an enlightening message about Florida’s most precious natural resource – her pristine groundwater – the life blood of the state’s natural environment and human economy. “
—Bob Knight, Director, Florida Springs Institute.

Epiphany’s Gift
Key to Eternity

Fiction / Historical

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