The Kitchen and the Studio: A Memoir of Food and Art
by John A. and Mallory M. O’Connor

The Kitchen and the Studio: A Memoir of Food and Art is a cookbook, an art book, a memoir and a love story. Artist John A. O’Connor and Art Historian Mallory M. O’Connor met at the University of California, Davis, in 1962. They were married in January 1963.  From the beginning, they shared a passion for good food and wine that has continued for almost sixty years. This book is both a memoir of their life together as artists and teachers and a collection of the celebrations that they shared with family and friends over the years. The book is Illustrated with John’s original paintings along with photographs of celebrations and participants. In this unique love story of a creative couple who have always “lived the artist’s life,” John and Mallory O’Connor share their favorite special occasions and recipes along with the places and the people who made them memorable.

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Transitional Administration

If you have an unexpected change in your organization’s leadership–a director falls ill or suddenly resigns for example–John and Mallory are ready to provide temporary administrative oversight (one month to one year) of your organization’s programs and facilities until your crisis is resolved. We have years of experience directing art galleries, craft facilities and municipal art centers. Let us help you keep your programs running smoothly while you work through the hiring process. Contract with us individually or as a team. Discounts available for small non-profit organizations.

Public Lectures

With twenty-five years of teaching and lecturing experience, Mallory O’Connor is a popular and polished speaker. Her illustrated lectures have received statewide acclaim and her audiences have ranged from scholarly societies to community organizations to residents of retirement communities. Recruited by the Florida Humanities Council for their Road Scholars speakers program, Mallory has presented talks at museums and libraries, nature centers and teacher’s workshops. Mallory’s illustrated 50 minute lectures cover a wide variety of art-related topics including:

Florida Series

Mallory is restricting her lecture appearances to local venues within 20 miles distance of Gainesville, FL. Lectures should be scheduled during daylight hours, and preferably in the early afternoon.

Contact Mallory at to make arrangements.

“Peceptions of Paradise” How art has helped shape the image of Florida as Eden
“Liquid Muse: Contemporary Paintings from the St. Johns Region”
“Billy’s Wonderful Performances” The art and science of William Bartram
“Bobcats and Egrets and Gators, Oh My!” Artist-naturalists in the Colonial Southeast
“Before Bartram: Mark Catesby in La Florida”
“The Art of Hope” WPA murals in Florida
“Strangers in a Strange Land” Picturing Florida’s history through art.
Indian Art Series

“Artifact as Art” The beauty and skill of Native American art work
“Treasures of the Lost Cities” Pre-conquest art of the Southeastern Indians

Other Lectures

“Understanding Modern Art”
“The Healing Brush” Where art and medicine meet.
If you would like to have an engaging and qualified speaker for your group, Mallory O’Connor will be pleased to share her love and art and history with you.

Contact Mallory at for more information.