Paranormal Fiction

Paranormal Fiction

Xanadu’s Cavern
New Fiction by Mallory M. O’Connor

Xanadu’s Cavern by Mallory O’Connor

What is the connection between a missing cave diver and the fossilized head of a pre-historic dire-wolf? That’s the question psychic Epiphany Mayall is asking herself in Xanadu’s Cavern, Book Three of Mallory O’Connor’s occult thriller series. A thousand miles away in Chicago, PI Maro Gaido hears about a valuable fossil that has been smuggled out of Florida by a Russian businessman. He decides to give Epiphany a call.

Once again, Epiphany and Maro team up to try to put together the pieces of a convoluted puzzle involving a shady real estate deal, illegal fossil harvesting and the shocking disappearance of an environmentalist leader in the cave diving community. When Maro and Epiphany find out that RAce Energy corporation is involved, they know who’s working behind the scenes to steal the fossils, assist in an environmentally dangerous development project and line the pockets of a corrupt lobbyist. But just how can they stop a billionaire like Derrick Rarian?

“Xandu’s Cavern, book three in O’Connor’s occult/cli-fi series, comes to life in this gripping thriller set in part in Florida’s amazing underground, water-filled labyrinths. With a hint of Carl Hiaasen’s high-rolling bad guys messing with your not-so-simple Florida crackers, Mallory O’Connor’s psychic heroine wraps her smart head around the mysterious disappearance of a pre-historic fossil and brings down an international antiquities smuggling enterprise. At the same time, O’Connor delivers an enlightening message about Florida’s most precious natural resource – her pristine groundwater – the life blood of the state’s natural environment and human economy. “
—Bob Knight, Director, Florida Springs Institute.

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Epiphany’s Gift
Psychic Fiction by Mallory M. O’Connor

Epiphany’s Gift by Mallory M. O’Connor

For thirty years, Epiphany Mayall has worked as a psychic medium in the small Spiritualist community of Watoolahatchee, Florida. But when she returns to her childhood home in Mt. Eden, Ohio, to visit her aging mother, she finds that the rural community is reeling from a series of alarming events. The pristine world of her childhood is being destroyed. Wells and creeks are polluted, and earthquakes have become a frequent danger.

Epiphany’s former professor and mentor, art historian Dr. John Bernhardt, believes that the problems are the result of fracking operations that are being carried out by an energy corporation in the region, and that someone from the company is also connected with the disappearance of an illustration of Dante’s Inferno from the university museum. Bernhardt writes an article for the local newspaper about his theory, but the next day he is found dead. When John’s ghost appears to Epiphany and tells her that he was poisoned, she becomes determined to find the answers to several questions: who is responsible for the environmental disaster, who stole the illustration of Dante’s Inferno from the university museum, and who murdered Professor Bernhardt?

Aided by art crimes investigator, Maro Gaido, and by Blake King, an eccentric local artist, Epiphany tries to put together the pieces of a disturbing puzzle, but finds her efforts thwarted at every turn. Even a State Senator cannot help. As the earthquakes escalate, Epiphany begins to wonder if even her psychic gifts are enough to find the answers before it’s too late to save her loved ones from disaster.

Ten years from now, twenty years from now, you will see: oil will bring us ruin… Oil is the Devil’s excrement.
Pérez Alfonzo, founder of OPEC

“Set against a backdrop of psychic phenomena, corporate corruption and global climate change, Epiphany’s Gift is a riveting mystery from a writer who is well worth watching. A fast-paced, nail-biting tale of the perennial battle between good and evil.”
Andrew Nichols, Ph.D. Director, American Institute of Parapsychology

“Epiphany’s Gift, Book One of the Epiphany Mayall series, is a cli-fi paranormal novel that describes the chilling consequences of fracking operations in America. Read it and weep. Better yet, do something about it!”
Dan Bloom, editor, The Cli-Fi Report

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Key To Eternity
Psychic Fiction by Mallory M. O’Connor

Key To Eternity by Mallory O’Connor

Psychic detective Epiphany Mayall is enjoying a lovely evening when her peaceful reverie is suddenly interrupted by a vivid mental image of a naked man sprawled on the ground surrounded by two snakes. Moments later, she realizes her vision is somehow connected to the ancient Mesopotamian story, the Epic of Gilgamesh-a legendary King Gilgamesh who left his home to search for the secret of immortality. Now she must wait for Spirit to send her another clue.

Soon, Epiphany finds herself on a new quest to solve a complex mystery. While tracking stolen antiquities and a clay tablet relating to the Epic, Epiphany relies on her psychic abilities and help from private investigator, Maro Gaido, and the FBI’s art-crimes division to help her hone in on the mysterious conspirators lurking in the shadows of the shady, global underworld of the arts and antiquities black market. Can Epiphany and her team locate the Gilgamesh tablet with its map to the flower of immortality before the treasure disappears forever into the private vault of a billionaire art thief? Key to Eternity is the exciting tale of a psychic detective’s new mission to solve the mystery of the Gilgamesh tablet as she is transported around the world in search of stolen treasures.